Causes Of Acne

Acne is a skin condition that leaves the patient with scars and blemishes. It is a common problem, but most people who have excess acne may have self-esteem issues because they do not have a glowing skin. There have been cases where individuals who have it have depression and lack of confidence. Acne can be controlled because it is caused by some factors. Before considering therapy, you should look into what is causing the condition. Below are some of the factors that may cause the outbreak.

Leading Causes Of Acne


This is one of the leading causes of the condition. That is why women are more susceptible to the breakout as compared to men because they have a lot of hormones in their bodies. The condition can be easily identified because most women get acne around their menstrual period and once they are done with it, the skin clears. Also, when they are pregnant, they are also at a high risk of getting an outbreak.


It is important to wash your face twice in a day to prevent the pimples from forming. Individuals who have skin conditions may get the pimples regardless but practicing proper hygiene will reduce the occurrence of the pimples. Therefore, having a cleaning routine will make the condition manageable. Individuals are encouraged to exfoliate and partake in cleansing therapy that involves washing the face with cool water. If that is the cause of the face breaking out, they will notice a significant difference in a few weeks.


Evidently, what goes in the body will reflect on the skin. That means that whatever we consume will come out of the body as sweat from the sweat glands. The bacterium in the body that comes out has to be washed off hence the emphasis of cleaning regularly. However, that is not enough sometimes. People who are on unhealthy diets are encouraged to make changes over time so that the acne effects can reduce. Greasy foods like pizza and chips should be substituted with vegetables and fruits because they clog the pores and enhance the breakout.


Individuals who work in environments where there is grease are likely to have acne if they keep touching their faces. Environments like fast food joints are not skin friendly because when the individuals touch the oils from the food, then they touch their faces, they clog their pores. Clogging of pores will lead to the outbreak. The secret is to clean their hands or avoid touching their faces, and they may notice a difference over time.…