Carrageenan Extraction And Main Uses

Carrageenan has been discussed for a long time on whether it is safe or not. Some people look at it as dangerous her, and some consider it to be very helpful in many ways. But what is carrageenan in a simple way? Carrageenan are a type of polysaccharides which have been known to have many uses in the food manufacturing sector as stabilizers or as thickening agents. This prodycthas been sold both oninenad localy by mny manufacturers like carrageenan follow your heart.

Extraction of carrageenan

Carrageenan is extracted from red seaweeds which are harvested down in the deep ghyewater of the sea. An individual has to collect the seaweeds from the waters and then later dry them and bale them. One the seaweeds are dry they are later ground to a fine state. Sifting is then carried out, and the remaining carrageenan is washed in water with the aim of removing impurities and sand. The process does not end here; carrageenan is then soaked in a solution like potassium hydroxide which is known to be alkaline.

After soaking, carrageenan will be separated from the seaweed through heating at high temperatures. Since cellulose is contained in carrageenan and it’s not good t is eliminated at this stage through centrifugation and filtration. After all the procedure is done, you will remain with a solution which you will evaporate to do away with traces of water. You will obtain powdered carrageenan and ground it to make the various types of carrageenan. This procedure for making carrageenan can also be used in making carrageenan powder at home as much as it is used in commercial production.

Uses of carrageenan

nbfghrCarrageenan being a kind of polysaccharide that is used for many purposes and in various sectors. The first carrageenan can be used in your food industry. In the food production sector, the seaweed will act as a stabilizer in the process of manufacturing foods. Similar the seaweed will play a role in thickening foods. These are key processes in the food production sector. On the other and carrageenan can be used to make proteins like milk and meat useful because of its ability to bind well with proteins.

For a long time now carrageenan has en used in the manufacture of baby formula. This raises the question is carrageenan safe for you? If an infant who has a digestive system which is not entirely developed can take carrageenan and is not affected by it, then carrageenan is safe for everybody. Infants are considered sensitive to what they take because of a young digestive system. But when they take carrageenan in baby formula and nothing happens then it this clear that carrageenan equally a good food.