Is there need to exclude carrageenan from your diet?

When it comes to matters of designing you need, it is always good that you be extremely keen. This is because the diet that you are going to choose will have a direct impact on your life. It is good to note that in this era, there are many food products and some of them are the cause of the health complications that many people find themselves in. This, therefore, underscores the importance of being keen on the types of foods that you include in your diet.


The first question that you will ask yourself if you are seeing this for the first time is what carrageenan actually is. Well, carrageen is a food additive that is added to food with the intention of making the food thicker, emulsify as well as preserve drinks and foods. One important thing that you need to understand about this food additive is that they are natural and they are derived from seaweed. It can also be found in milk, meat products and even in yogurt.

Why should you include it in your diet?

Now that you know some of the functions that are associated with carrageen, you will definitely choose if there is a need for you to include them in your diet. You, however, need to understand that there have been some controversies surrounding its uses. Some scholars have gone ahead to associate it with inflammation. In fact, there are some of them who have gone ahead to link carrageenan with damaging it with your digestive system. So before you start making use of it, it is good that you bare that in mind.

Side effects

There are several side effects that one is likely to get by making use of carrageenan. Some of those side effects include;

  • Major cause for inflammation
  • Causes Bloating
  • Causes glucose intolerance
  • Food allergies
    It is good to note that some of those side effects mentioned above were self-reported while others came into existence after a conclusive research had been carried out.

Is it safe for consumption?

Having looked at some of the effects and general properties that are associated with carrageenan, you will conclude that there is no much need to include in it your diet. However, there is a need for an extensive research that will lead to a conclusive decision. Now that it is being approved by the relevant authority, you can consume it. Check out introduction to carrageenan for more information.